Adorable Little Angel

So, how did the kid sleepover go?
Not too bad. The kids got along, fun was had, nobody died or lost any limbs. Braden (the visiting kid) actually asked his parents if he could for stay another night -- which was either a sign of how well things were going, or just his way of pre-planning as there were still a few things in the apartment that he hadn't had a chance to mess with yet.

At one point the kids were sufficiently involved with videogames and snacks and stuff that I went to check my text messages only to discover that my phone was messing up. "Messing up" being code for not working at all. I'd been having some issues with my Droid lately, so I just assumed it needed a reboot to fix the problem.
It didn't.
And thus began the unexpected crisis of the day -- as it became immediately clear that the phone was on, but the display was dead, rendering the phone pretty much useless.

Add to this some weirdness in my contract which enabled me to get a replacement, but only from the factory and only three days from now. And while I suppose the fact that I don't have to fork out a couple of hundred dollars for a new one (my only other option, according to Verizon) is a good thing, am I the only one out there who suspects that most cell phone providers just make up their various rules and restrictions as they go along?

Either way, I'm smartphone-less for a few days -- which has provided me with the horrible realization of just how tethered to that thing I've become. In addition to not having a working phone, I'm also without my de facto watch, my mobile access to the web and various internet-based distractions, my text communications device -- all that stuff.
Kinda sad to realize just how addicted the world has become to these things.
I also have a bunch of apps/games on there for my son to play with (which he had been proudly showing off to his sleepover buddy earlier in the evening) -- which he asked to play with this morning and I had to remind him that he couldn't since the phone had stopped working.
At which point he kinda nodded in remembrance and said,
"Oh yeah, that happened after Braden dropped it."

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Bef said…
oh Braden's parents would be getting me a phone today!

so apparently you don't have an old phone in the house to activate until you get your new Droid?

I have to keep old phones around because Dorian repels electronic devices he's had more cell phones than I have.

I thought Verizon had refurbished phones in the store for pretty cheap...did you go to the store? I'm surprised they didn't help you better than that.
Zuly said…
This is why I don't let my nephew play with anything of mine unless I'm watching.

Now that my iPod touch is kinda defunct because I don't use it as much I let him play with it as much as he wants...but never my Evo. He's a good kid, but he's not the one who would have to replace it if it broke.

I feel for you.
Heff said…
Again, "cellphones are of the Devil", lol.
Tricia said…
Also, don't let a two-year-old play with a digital camera full of priceless pictures you've not yet uploaded to your computer. Just sayin'.
JerseySjov said…
my friends with iphones know to not let me play with them because inevitably, after about 5 minutes, things to go to shit and im screaming "I DONT KNOW WHAT I DID I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING"

also i just realized that i can feed the little fishies in your side bar deelie thing over there. neat!
Hex said…
Bef -- Verizon is the best provider I've dealt with so far personally, but when things break they aren't as quick on the draw as I would like. It's sort of like I wish I could have verizon's network and billing structure, AT&T's service department, and Sprint's choice of phones. lol.

Zuly -- My mistake was assuming that the kid would be as careful with it as my son is. It's weird -- I learned a lot about how awesome my kid is (from an angle I didn't expect) by seeing him in contrast to the visitor.

Heff -- I don't mind having a devil in my pocket.

Tricia -- So very true. And yet we do it anyways, lol.

Jersey -- those fish are amazing. Almost as cool as the terror alert banana ;)