The Ghost of Greg

So I finally got my marching orders telling me it's time to move to my new cube, where my new manager (the one who gets all bent out of shape about my dress code violations) can keep a better eye on me. Not that he's actually come out and said that's what he's doing -- but the way things have been going lately it seems like the only really logical explanation.

To be honest, the whole thing has been an annoying drama. Currently I sit with document control -- a department that I don't work for, but the one that's actually the closest related to my job. Anyways, the guy who runs that department is one of these passive-aggressive types who clearly has issues with some of my quirks, but really doesn't have any sort of direct authority to do anything about it -- a problem he compensates for by quietly doing all these little backhanded things to sort of kneecap me.
Like -- one day I could use the network color printer in the room, and the next my access was blocked by an "administrator."
This is the same guy who ratted me out to my old manager for drinking coffee at my desk instead of asking me not to do it (my old manager rolled his eyes when he told me about this, and went on to tell me that dude's always been like this).
But by far his master stroke has been this whole cubicle move thing.
Basically the company is remodeling our offices bit by bit. As part of this remodeling, the people I currently sit with are moving to a different location with customized offices and updated equipment. I found this out because passive-aggressive guy was boasting about it all in a conversation he started with me one day.
Then 10 minutes later I went to a meeting with my new manager, who
informed me that I wasn't included in the doc control department move.
Anyways, eventually they found an open spot for me -- one that was formerly inhabited by a guy in finance named Greg. Our job functions rarely cross paths, but on the few occasions I've worked with Greg I've always found him to be a good dude. Apparently he's moving up the ladder a bit (kudos) so his old cube opened up.

On the good side, I'll be getting 3 1/2 walls (which is a step up from the shared table/desk thing I'm sitting at now) -- but I'm also now in my new manager's line of sight, and even though I'm moving to a new spot I STILL can't have coffee at my desk, which is just criminal.

All that being said, it's just a desk, and despite my occasional whining this is a pretty good gig, and one I'm not in a hurry to lose -- especially when you consider just how crappy the job market is out there, so even if some of the details of this move kinda stink -- so in the end my mission really is to just suck it up and roll with the changes, you know?

Or at least I thought that was my mission. Because the other day when I went over to my future new desk to see how much space I was getting --
This is what I found:
OK, new mission -- Where the hell's the rest of Greg!?
And who do I talk to around here about getting a cubicle with no monsters hiding underneath it?

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Anonymous said…
Why do I have to keep telling you these things? It is not, I repeat, NOT professional to be dressed like a transsexual Latino hooker unless you are a transsexual Latino hooker.
JerseySjov said…
wigsf's comment made me choke on a sip of water. lol!

i distrust any desk with lots of wires dangling in the feet area. i can't count the number of times my fidgety feet got tangled up at inopportune times. [Boss: hey, can you check the fax machine? i think i just heard something come in. Me: a minute]
Tricia said…
WTF kind of job doesn't allow you to drink coffee at your desk!? The kind of job I'll never have, that's what kind. My caffeinated heart goes out to you.
Bef said…
why does that picture make me think of the Bugs Bunny cartoon with marvin the martian where he gets blown up I think by his own Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator and all that was left were his shoes...

Maybe Greg was blocking someone's view of Venus and got dealt with real proper like
*laughs* I had the same mental image as Bef when I saw the shoes.

I don't get the "no drinking coffee at your desk" thing, at all. Where else are you supposed to drink it??
Hex said…
WIGSF -- Good point, Wong Foo (ps -- Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar).

Jersey -- You've fallen, and you can't get up!

Tricia -- there are rules about having coffee near the sterile clean rooms we have where I work, which I understand, but then they put cubicles right next to those areas and we get screwed by association.

I don't think they understand what happens when you taunt addicts.

Bef -- Worse yet, Greg's just walking around the place barefoot.

Tatiana -- Just like this, eh?
Werdna said…