That's My Jam: Kinda Like Tron on Acid

Happened across this song the other day and found myself digging it enough to share. It's funny though, because I think this is another one of those tunes where the video definitely helps with the appeal -- and yet even though I really dig the style of animation going on here, I couldn't help but notice how much effort was put into making you think of other group's videos while you were watching the clip.
Almost as if the director's strategy was like:
"The song's OK and all -- but it might help our chances of making it a hit if we can find some way to
remind people of Zero 7 or at the very least trick them into thinking Daft Punk was somehow involved."
Look, just say they sound like Chromeo and lets all just get on with our lives, ok?
Anyways, it's a nice little change of pace from all the Sevendust I've been overloading on since their fantastic new CD came out.
See what you think -- Here's Arsenal, with Estupendo

[Listening to:  Duran Duran - "The Chauffeur" ]


Heff said…
Yep. The video MAKES the song.
The animation reminds me a little of the movie Heavy Metal just a lot more polished.
Hex said…
Heff -- I kinda dig the track too, but I do wonder how much I'd like it if I hadn't seen the video first.

Cinnamon Chocolate Dreamer -- I see where you're comin' from. I love that movie. Might just have to watch that when I get home tonight.