Feel The Corporate Love

Finally got my new desk (my request to the IT department to move my computer and phone sat in limbo for months, so Friday afternoon I just decided to move it all myself and do the re-connections manually, which was surprisingly easier than our IT crew would have you believe) so now that I'm here -- all that's left is to get a new name tag on the wall and get a new mailbox so all my correspondence can find me in the new spot.
Put in the request with my new manager this morning -- and to my surprise it's already done:
Damn, it feels good to be a Gingsta.

[Listening to:  Jemapur - "Maledict Car" ]


Melissa said…
Anonymous said…
Is it too soon for a "Your name is Toby" joke?
Bef said…
Tricia said…
If it makes you feel any better, spell check always tries to change my last name from Lorntson to Loadstone. I don't know what a Loadstone is, but it doesn't sound flattering, Danil.
The Kaiser said…
Loadstone is a naturally occurring magnetic rock called magnetite. Danil sounds like a girls a name. Is your new boss that one guy from Scrubs?
Satorical said…
Now that you've gone rogue with your workstation setup, you have IT's undivided attention. Expect more passive-aggressive misspelling in your future.
Satorical said…
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Heff said…
Your own mail slot ?

Kraxpelax said…
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Hex said…
Hey Kraxpelax, if I can figure out a way to get you to say your screenname backwards, it sends you back to your homeworld, right?