It's Just a Jump to the Left

For a while now I've been considering starting a tumblr blog.
If you're not aware, tumblr is a template-based blog system a lot like wordpress or blogger, but with more of a social networking mindset behind it. Blogs can follow other blogs and content can be reposted and shared across the network. It's a much more streamlined design set than blogger, and it was built to better integrate with all the micro-blogging sites out there (twitter, facebook). Essentially it's the newer-model car that gets better mileage and has cooler looking dials on the dashboard.

That being said, from what I've seen it's also mostly picture/video/audio-oriented, which is cool -- but also sort of leans away from the main reason I started making websites like this in the first place, which was to have a place to write.

If you've been here much at all lately you've probably noticed how much I'm not writing, despite getting back to semi-regular posting in the last few months. I go through breaks with it on a regular basis -- but lately it's seemed more than that, much to my concern. I'm still writing here and there when I can, contributing to O Hell Nawl and keeping up on twitter and facebook -- but it's not really the same.
Hence my hesitation with tumblr.
On the one hand, it's time for an upgrade. Despite their best efforts, blogger looks like crap on most smartphones. Comparatively it's clunky and slow to work with. But it is a place to write, and as far as I can tell tumblr isn't.

Not that I'm worried that I'll stop altogether -- but that ease and convenience has shown itself again and again to be a powerful opiate when it comes to online interactions, and despite the belief that I would never be able to, I've discovered that I'm gotten fairly comfortable speaking in 140-character thoughts most of the time.

I don't know -- it's probably a deeper discussion, the difference between having a place to write versus having a place to post and what that means in terms of motivation and follow-thru, and I imagine as I start out on this new page I'll get a better look at that divide face to face and see how I feel about it.
I honestly think I that still have words to share.
But while I'm finding my way through to them, there's a new place I'll be hanging out at. If you're interested, you should come over and have a look:
Always Crashing in the Same Car

[Listening to:  Ronny Jordan - "The Jackal" ]


Anonymous said…
I dunno, I've seen several Tumblrs where people use it to write. The posts *normally* aren't as long as Blogger but are still a decent length. It always manages to look prettier on Tumblr. I've pretty much deserted my Wordpress blog for it.

Satorical said…
Monster probably has something to say about writing-friendly templates that look good on mobile.
Anonymous said…
Well, you always know how to keep me interested... Using a Bowie tune for a title...
But after I click that link, I wanna see some Zeppelin references. You hear me?
Poppy said…
I've had a tumblr for over a year & I never use it for writing. I just post & repost pictures. People who have written tublr blogs, I don't tend to read them for some reason. I would stick with blogger for your writing.
kitkat said…
i thought of joining tumblr, but i'm too much of a writer and that site is more bout pictures and videos :/
Anonymous said…
I liked you on FB. Thought you should know ;)

E-Vizzle said…
I only like you for your writing. What am I going to do now?