Nothing's In the Flowers

A buddy of mine who came face to face with this phenomena posted this on a social network that was founded by a guy pretty much because of something like this (if movies are to be believed) a day or so after I once again found myself in this position.


To say this is always the case or that there's never an exception to any rule is probably like the idea of minority students at Utah State University -- You have to assume there are some, but it's kinda hard to tell from the video.

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Heff said…
The only exception to the rule is if she's ugly as homemade sin.
Campari Soda said…


YOU KNOW I had to put my two cents in, coz we've already talked about this I'mma keep it simple.

friendship is a category or state of a relationship wherein two people are mutually invested but not physically intimate or romantically exclusive.

men and women CAN be friends because friendship is what you call it when you care about someone but you're not getting sexy with them.

what they're talking about, I think, in the video is the fluidity of the emotions present...can men and women maintain *purely* amicable feelings without any hint or shade of attraction, desire, or romantic curiosity? in that context...fuck no. everyone is going to feel some sort of fluctuations in those areas.

but when we make the decision to value the friendship above the attraction, well..then that's when it's a real friendship and not just 'tolerating' sexless company.
Anonymous said…
Dude. gotta go to Utah State. All the chicks there are hot and the guys are all (to steal a great line from Heff) ugly as homemade sin.