[Still] The Truth About Valentines Day

I originally posted this a long time back (2007 to be exact). The funny part thing is that sitting here reading it again it's impossible not to realize that I was working an earlier version of this exact same job at the same place -- and although many things have happened in my life since then, it's a little strange to think that I'm essentially in the same sort of mood about the same exact holiday some 5 years later.
Anyways, it's a story I still tell time to time, and one that seems particularly poignant today. 
Hope all is well, I'll be writing more soon. 
    - Hex

Today at lunch I headed out of the office to run a few errands. It’s been one of those days where it seems like all I’ve been doing since I’ve got here is putting out little fires – so it was nice to get away from it for a bit, but at the same time what I really wanted was an escape from all the Valentines Day festivities that were happening all around me.

E-mails for people to come pick up flower deliveries, everyone wearing red, wives and family members surprising people in their cubicles... all very sweet things -- but when you’re not in on the fun there’s only so much you can take, you know?

So I snuck out at lunchtime, took care of my stuff, and then started thinking about maybe getting something to eat. I wasn’t really hungry per se, but because of all the things happening at the office my energy was really low – so eventually I decided to drop in on this nearby smoothie place to snag something that could at least help me get through the afternoon.

But as I’m walking towards the door of the place I catch sight of this other guy walking towards the same door with a hopeful smile on his face

Carrying a vase full of red and white roses.
Part of me starts to consider bailing on this whole smoothie shop idea right then and there, because suddenly it’s pretty clear that there’s no way my order is going to be the central focus of the girl behind the counter’s attention. Plus this dude’s clearly amped up about this "surprise her at work with flowers" gambit -- and my being there kinda interferes with his game. I mean, I really don’t know this guy from Adam, but it’s pretty set dude law to let a guy have his moment if you can possibly help it.

But by this time in the day I was pretty 'effin sick of the whole thing and above everything else -- really in a hurry to get back and finish up all my work. Eventually I decided to slow down and stall a second to let him make the delivery, but if he wanted to bask in the afterglow he’d just have to wait the extra two minutes.

He stepped in the place and made his delivery. I made sure to kinda stray outside the door for a second, but it was hard not to notice through the glass her surprised smile when she saw the vase. I guess I looked too long though, because she pointed me out to him, and shrugged as if to say, "Sorry, I’ve got a customer."

Sensing my cue I stepped in the door -- but it was kinda hard not to feel like a heel as I watched the guy head back to his car. I even apologized to the girl after I placed my order, saying, "I guess I picked the worst possible time I could have to show up like this, eh?"

Only to have her roll her eyes and respond,

"Are you kidding? I should be thanking you -- I can’t stand that guy."

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Beth said…

she was good for smiling and whatnot...

if I don't like you, you will know and then to show up at my job...man it would have been an episode of snapped up in there!