What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up?

That's the thing.. I didn't want to grow up.

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Heff said…
Fuck, dude - I DIDN'T grow up.....now shut up and pass that Doob.....
Beth said…
that pic is awesome!

I still don't know what I want to be and I'm 42 lol
wigsf3 said…
a Toys R Us kid?
In this order:
1. An astronaut
2. A comedian on Saturday Night Live
3. A designer at Epcot
4. A professional breakdancer
5. A composer using my grandparents disco organ.

Those all stuck until Nelson Mandela was freed (I am not shitting you) and then I wanted to be a political activist, and then as I was looking through the catalog at Florida State, I found my calling: Urban and Regional Planning. I've done other things since then (small business owner, micro-financing in "3rd world" countries, and formed an NGO), but I think I'll always have my strongest affinity for planning. And I didn't grow up, that's the trick!