Get On Up

Dear Chain Bookstores.

I know. You put comfy chairs in your aisles and bums come in and sleep on them. Teenagers make out on them. There's never enough chairs and so the guy who wants to sit in them when there isn't one available fires off an angry twitter post that reaches the CEO on the golf course, he gets all fired up to blame somebody and then you look like the bad guy.

Put one comfy chair in your bookstore and you're basically fucked.

But this is not the solution.

Maybe it's because the holidays just rolled through and I spent extra time trying to find things, but I feel like this "little quirk" is starting to become a problem. And I get it, a book isn't exactly something you can just grab and go. You want to open it up, browse through a little. Believe me, I like bookstores. The smell of books, thumbing through titles that seem interesting, seeing new covers on titles I enjoy. It's a nerdy habit, but I don't think it's a bad one.

But these kids on the floor. In the manga aisle. In the collectibles sections. Piles of them, reading their Japanese comic books backwards without paying for them. I'm happy you're into stuff, but could you do this somewhere else? 

Look, I love pancakes -- but you don't see me sitting in the grocery store by the boxes. 

Besides, it's not like you're going to be teenager forever. So like, where does this stop?
Bring back the chairs. 

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