Contrast of Continuum of Movement

Where is your motivation?
Where is your direction?
Where is your discipline?

What is your differentiation?
What is your function?
What is your ..malfunction?

Where is your anger?
Isn't it better when you're angry?

When you need water, go to the well.

Where is the well?
What is your water?

Why won't you drink?

..Aren't you thirsty? Haven't you always been thirsty?
Hasn't every moment been driven by a need to quench that thirst?

Take the pills. You need to take the pills.
Nothing happens when I take the pills.
That's the point. It keeps thing thing from happening again.
Nothing happening means it's working.

Nothing happening makes me angry.
Nothing happening makes me thirsty.

Nothing's happening.
So much ..nothing is happening.

    Why won't you drink?

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