Thursday, May 27


Money is short, so even though it's finally and officially summer vacation I'm more or less stuck at home. The weather's nice, so it's kinda frustrating, but I've been doing my best to keep myself busy and entertained. Unfortunatley, when you've got hours and hours to kill with no company, it's hard not to let your mind wander.

Case in point: I keep doing this silly sort of "I'm all alone so who will know" type of thing that I probably shouldn't be telling anybody about at all.

It goes kinda like this: I'm washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen, and every time I finish a dish I do this monty python voice and say out loud to no one in particular, "...What else do you burn besides witches?"

then I pick up the next plate and say,

       "Mooorrree Dishes!!!"

[Listening to: Faith No More

Wednesday, May 12

Wednesday Night am I going to get through this?

[Listening to: Nothingface

Tuesday, May 11

I Die With You, Donnie

It's this place where I live, this place where I work. I cook the meals, I screen the calls, I take out the trash. I'm the first one up in the morning, and I'm the last one to go to bed.

           I fight monsters with blades of blue
           ...and then we rewind and do it all over again.

I'm under. I sink. I open my eyes slowly so that I can look for the keys in the corners. Dripping wet, the wires run down my back, over my knees, and around my curling toes.

And you know that I'm there.

           But now I know when,
           ...and now I know where.

I hold you in my arms until you're asleep. I hide the things that you've hidden from me.

                   And then we rewind, and do it all over again.

[Listening to: Rasputina

Monday, May 10

Fist Invisible

I feel
like I've
just been

The lines blurred, the contact solid. It's like air being forced from your lungs, and the void scaring your body into hurt. I see what I cannot see, I know without understanding, or the ability to separate.

        It should be a mirror, but it's not.
        It should wake me up, but it won't.

It just hurts.

[Listening to: The Smiths, "Unhappy Birthday"

Saturday, May 8

Actually Spoken During the Course of My Evening

    "Why were you searching the web for naked pictures of Madeline Albright, exactly?"

[Listening to: Mr. Bungle

Saturday, May 1

Juste moi et vous, notre lune privée

Ok, as of right now - I'm officially done writing song lyrics. Because no matter how honest and heartfelt I may think I'm being with my words, I don't think I'll ever be able to top this.

         "chocolate is great"
         man...why didn't I think of that?

[Listening to: Mohammed Rafi, "Jaan Pehachaan Ho"

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