I Know It Was You Fredo

So today while chasing down some details for a new project I'm working on I noticed a shocking new development in the ever-expanding saga of the Corporate Companda.

As you may remember, the last time we checked in there was this new kid trying to set up shop in the fake flowerpots in the hallway -- a move that we all kinda felt wasn't going to go very well for Gnomeboy,

But guess what?
The Gnome is still there:
But the Companda is suddenly all the way over here, (almost a full corridor away).
I gotta be honest here -- I'm kinda disappointed in the Panda. I'm sure defending your turf is never an easy thing, but lets face it here -- You're a frikkin' BEAR! You can't just let someone come in and run you out of your own hood like that. I don't care what kind of Grand Theft Auto/Tony Montana tactics kid is bringing with him, since when does a predator back down from a meal?
What are you, Rex Grossman all of the sudden?
I mean, have you even seen the movie? The Ewoks beat the white guys -- unbelievable as it might have seemed, that's the way it's supposed to work!

Who knows, maybe it's tougher than it looks to be number one. Maybe right now in a in a South Jersey diner Companda is sitting down with his wife and deadbeat son, eating onion rings and listening to Journey -- but come on man, don't go out like that.
Get back in there and take back what's yours!

[Listening to:    Fishbone"BeerGut" ]