Jax Vegas

As anyone who's checked in on this blog the last two weeks can probably tell, I've been having a rough go of things lately. For a number of reasons not worth going into right now this is always sort of a down time of year for me -- which only served to make Friday afternoons surprise revelation regarding my personal economic dis-incentive package from the IRS much worse than it probably would have been otherwise.

So as usual, I went all emo and kinda shut myself out from most everything in my world, because regardless of how bad things actually were and how justified my mood might have been at that moment, no one (including me) really likes Emo-Dan, and in general it's just better to let him muddle his own way out of his whole whiny bullshit victim mode rather than have to be the one who has to hear his whole life story every year during the first week of March.
Which is fine for everyone else, but I still have to live with the guy.
So I got him drunk, and made him watch a lot of TV -- which I think helped me out in it's own odd way. The only down side was that weather-wise Saturday turned out to be really nice, which meant I blew away a gorgeous day of freedom over self-pity and a bag of pretzels. At the same time I think sometimes when things get on top of you and you lose your best perspective it's a good thing to find some way to refocus your direction. Lock down and get it out. Try to pick back up on the other side as best you can --
Because nothing good ever really comes out of moping.
Still, when Sunday rolled around and I got a call from Matty seeing if I wanted to hit the Lemon Bar with him and the gang I gave serious consideration to bailing on them, thinking that even if I had woken up in a slightly better mood, spending time with my friends who never seem to have anything bad happen to them might put me right back in the emotional spot I started from on Friday.

Don't get me wrong, I love those guys -- but sometimes when you're feeling fat and lonely and broke and depressed the last things you want to hear about are the continuing successes of all the skinny, oversexed people in your life who can pay for everything in cash.

Plus as much as we are friends, I don't have the kind of deep history with any of those guys where they're vested enough to listen to my troubles with anything resembling real interest, which made me worry that my current circumstances and mood might increase the chances of me wanting to "talk about it," -- which wouldn't be a fun proposition for anyone involved.
At the same time, it was a gorgeous day..
Fortunately for me, it turned out that being around people who didn't want to hear about any of my troubles but instead just wanted me to leave them at home and come have a good time with them was exactly what I needed.

Granted, I probably could have done without that last Irish Car Bomb we did at Lynch's or all of those Habanero Tequila shots Matty was forcing everyone to drink over at his place, but sometimes when you need to cross a river you've got to pay the ferryman first, knammsayin?

And pay I did -- because this Monday morning hangover is turning out to be a total beast.

Honestly, the IRS should take a few lessons from these guys.
That way if you still end up broke and hurting the next day, there would at
least be a few embarrassing digital photos for us all to laugh about afterwards.

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