Ich Bin Ein Bloggerer

Is there anyone else out there who is quietly worried that the day might come where you get a chance to shake Obama's hand -- which you'd totally want to do because he seems larger than life right now and you're excited about the things he might be able to do for the country, and he asks you what your name is, so you tell him -- and then he'll be like,
"Oh yeah, I was reading your twitter page the other day --
that thing about jonesing for Muffins? That was awesome!"

[Listening to:  Jimi Hendrix"Stepping Stone" ]


The Ex said…
whatigotsofar said…
It'll never happen. Since word came down that a group of white supremiscists tried to off him, he'll bundle up and keep away from suspicious crowds.
Amanda said…
Nothing would make me happier.
Narm said…
I must be the only blogger on earth without Twitter. Obama is so ashamed of me.
Werdna said…
Hendrix's version of Steppin Stone is unstoppable.

And I'm pretty sure Obama would have to be set up by some nerds to read my blog.

@narm- I have no twitter either. My thoughts don't need replication at that interval.
Satorical said…
Twitter gives fake order to my randomness. I love it.

The best Twitter stuff is from Jhonen Vasquez. The artist is funny, weird and smart.
Heff said…
Not so much concerned with shaking Obama's hand, but I have had people come up to me that I don't really know commenting on shit they've seen on my blog. Scary.
Hex said…
Ex -- next thing you know, they'll shut down the electoral college and just choose delegates based off the number of facebook friends they have.

WIGSF -- Does anybody really take those white supremacist idiots seriously anymore? I mean if they knew more about who I was an my lifestyle, they'd be gunning for me too. White supremacists are pussies.

amanda -- Me. Obama. Muffins. Keep hope alive!

narm -- Resistance is futile.

Werdna -- the best part of "Stepping Stone" is right at the end where you hear the engineer say "Made it!"

Apparently they were right at the end of the tape when the song ended. Can you imagine if they'd run out?

Satorical -- Jhonen is awesome. That is all.

Heff -- Face it man, you're a superstar.
Werdna said…
re: Stepping Stone "Made it!"

If that tape had run out and they'd lost the end of that cut... it would have been tragic. They were killing that take and that song.
Hex said…
Werdna -- It's easily top three material when I think of fave Hendrix tunes. Thank god they finished before the reel ran out.