The Ghost and the Darkness

So just how serious is this squirrel thing getting?
Today I had a little extra time, so I went home for lunch. When I walked in the door I noticed a little orange business card on my kitchen counter. Apparently the pest control guys had come by sometime earlier this morning to check on the bait traps they'd set out.
And after they left, the squirrel came out of his hiding place
..and pooped on it.
Seriously, what kind of crazy fucked-up Secret of Nimh type bullshit have I stumbled into here?

[Listening to:  The Blood Brothers - "Rats and Rats and Rats for Candy" ]


Van said…
Your bizarre squirrel situation and how he boldly approaches you bought back a bad memory of taking a bath at a boyfriend's place. Relaxed, placid, I think of how life isn't so bad after all. As I think pleasant thoughts something gently tickled my cheek. I brush it away, turn my head to the side and see AN ENORMOUS ROACH PERCHED ON MY SHOULDER. Nude, vulnerable, and in a supposedly "clean" environment- I'd never felt more violated in my life. I'll have a hard time feeling relaxed in a bath tub for years to come.
Kill the beasts!
Satorical said…
That's what you need to show the front office:

"Yeah, your pest control guy came by and left his card. The squirrel shit on it."

Squirrel has balls, gotta give him that.
Melissa said…
I like Mr. Nutty's style. LOL