The Friday Hot Sheet

Have you ever had a week that just seemed to go on forever? I mean, seven days is always gonna be seven days -- but for whatever reason it feels like Monday was ages ago. Like the little things that took place are all kind of a blur that wash together into a wash of images that you know happened, but can't really seem to place in order without really sitting down and trying to piece it all together.
Perhaps my mind is just somewhere else.
I was also all kinds of busy at work. Meetings, conferences, and paperwork kept cropping up in so many piles, I started to suspect that my puppy was somehow behind it. Then again, I also spent a lot of time at the club this week -- which surely didn't help my productivity all that much, but was good times all the same.

So before another deadline that has to be met that no one bothered to tell me about until just now pops up unannounced -- here are this weeks risers and fallers, and the buzz as it looks from here.
Good Memories I'm sure many of you noticed that the Hot Sheet is a little late this week. I apologize for that, but Friday would have been my late mother's birthday were she still with us. It's weird, because even though I was aware of that fact when the day started, I was busy enough at work that I thought my down mood was due to work stress. It was only after I got home that it just sorta sunk in that even if I didn't consciously recognize the reason, that day is always sort of a sad one. Still, it gave me pause to remember some good times growing up. I spent some time talking to my son about some of his grandmothers funnier habits, which made us both laugh -- even as we were talking about missing her.
Oh yeah, that's this weekend isn't it? I'm sure by Sunday the excitement will ramp up to where you'd normally expect it to be, but thus far the hype surrounding Superbowl 44 has proven to be some of the most boring in recent memory. I'm sure the people who are actually in Southbeach for the festivities are having fun, but as for the rest of us there has been a noticeable lack of interesting subplots rising from all the media scrutiny that comes along with this event. Perhaps I've just become jaded over the years after all the name-calling, team taunting, and players getting caught propositioning undercover cops -- but by all accounts the buildup to what should still be a pretty good game has seemed pretty pedestrian. It doesn't help that neither team can really be considered a villain, or that the game isn't really enough of a mismatch to where there's an underdog to root for. It's just boring old Peyton Manning versus enthusiastic old Drew Brees, and you get the feeling that even the guy who loses the game won't feel all that bad about it -- which doesn't give the viewer who's not already a fan of either team much reason to be interested either way. Celebrities are behaving themselves, fans haven't been too crazy, neither team's done a shuffle-type rap video.. it's all been kinda dull and disappointing. In a way I suppose it's good, because that means the focus will be on the game itself (this particular matchup certainly has the potential to be a high-scoring tilt) -- but there's always the risk that a championship game will turn into some sort of lopsided blowout. And if that happens, what will we have then? Play-by-play announcers either crowning Manning as one of the all-time greats, or montage videos of how New Orleans has bonded together post-Katrina. Yawn. I mean, I'm sure there will be a few funny commercials and all -- but if ever there was a big game that needed Janet Jackson's nipple to make an appearance, this one is it.
At the end of championship week, the Colts looked pretty unstoppable. But now that a week has passed and the luster of that performance has faded a bit (especially in the wake of such a boring bye week) people seem to be regaining their sense of perspective, which has reminded them that New Orleans is a pretty good team. Manning is clearly the better of the two quarterbacks, but New Orleans has a better pass rush than the last few teams the Colts have faced. On the other side of things you have a Saints team that has specialized in last-second wins, something that Superbowls aren't usually known for. There's a tendency for teams (especially ones who have never been in a game this big before) who are losing the Superbowl to suddenly realize they are in danger of losing the Superbowl, and fold under the pressure of trying to do too much to avoid that fate. In the end I think the real key to this Superbowl will be the running games. The Colts aren't particularly dazzling on the ground, but they can play clock control when they have to. The Saints on the other hand have more explosive runners -- but a coach who occasionally forgets to use them. I think it will be close, but in the end I don't really think the Saints can hang for all 4 quarters with Indianapolis' passing attack. Colts 41, Saints 27.
Innocent VenusI started talking up this anime series back when I started watching it, but now that I'm knee deep into the story it's gotten seriously good. And while it's entirely possible that a big part of the reason I like it so much is that the storylines and ideas are strongly reminiscent of two of my favorite animes (Akira and Evangelion), it's the links between the characters that keep me keep coming back for more. Especially when the whole thing turned on it's ear when (and where) you least expected it to. If you like your anime with mecha suits, political intrigue, and a subtle air of sexual tension, you'd be hard pressed to find a series that does it much better. Highly Recommended.
We Are
the World

You know what would be awesome? A group of rich, high-profile celebrities donating their time and talents to come up with a new and original anthem that would not only bring attention to the need for public assistance for Haiti, but also provide a product that would raise money for that cause every time it was downloaded, played on the radio, or broadcast on TV. You know what's gonna be totally lame? The fact that none of these so-called talents could be bothered to write a new song, instead pulling out this old warhorse -- which will only lead to inevitable comparisons, a pile of parody videos and SNL skits making fun of the celebrities involved -- leaving the whole thing feeling like little more than some sort of publicity grab. If you're an artist who wants to help, how 'bout creating something singular and unique that expresses your heartfelt emotions about this tragedy, instead of co-opting someone else's vision about a different issue? Otherwise you're just a famous person pretending that you're just like all those other famous people who, you know -- cared about stuff. I'm not saying they shouldn't try to raise money to help victims of the earthquake. I'm saying using this song is essentially re-gifting, and it makes everyone involved look lazy.
The Superbowl
Halftime Show
Classic rockers The Who will be the featured act playing this years Halftime show at the Superbowl -- which is taking place in Miami -- which serves as the backdrop for the ever-popular and yet unintentionally hilarious TV show CSI Miami -- which features a song by the Who as it's theme. I'm telling you right now, there's only one way I want to see that band introduced. There's only ONE way that show can start -- and that is for David Caruso to come out in full Horatio Cane costume, sunglasses and all -- and do one of his trademark show opening one-liners.
It really doesn't even matter what he's talking about -- just as long as it sets
up the opening of "Who Are You?" the way we've all come to know and love it:

[Listening to:  Deadsy - "Razor Love" ]


Bef said…
I was going to hunt you down if I didn't get another edition of the hot

*hugs* I lost my mother 4 years ago so I know exactly how you feel...her birthday is 2 weeks before her death so for about 3 weeks my mood swings are insane...I actually just talked about my awesome mom on my blog the other day....

the superbowl has turned more into a family gathering where we eat way too much food more than football fans getting together to watch the big game. I just talked to my sister yesterday about the menu no where in that convo did we talk about who was going to win lol

yea I'm not sure how I feel about the we are the world remake...I remember the original and how PISSED I was that Prince "refused" to go...his ego was out of control back then...anyway it will be interesting to hear/see the remake...I haven't been following the news about it much this week has been "interesting" for me...
JerseySjov said…
i feel the opposite about this week. it seems to me like monday was an hour ago!

that caruso comic made me lol. my sophomore roommates and i spent many a slack-jawed hour staring with envy at that man's sunglass donning/removal.
Hex said…
Bef -- Its funny how when you lose someone those days (birthdays, etc) become somber. It's as if you just know inside, feel it without even realizing.

Jersey -- I have weeks like that too, but for whatever reason this wasn't really one of them.

CSI Miami was, to me -- the most addictive of the CSI shows because it was the most intentionally ridiculous. Some of the things on that show wouldn't make the cut on an episode of the A-Team.