A Dude Playing a Dude Disguised as Another Dude

Remember that blog post I wrote about a week back where I was telling you how I was worried that my dog might believe he's a cat on account of me discovering that he had somehow managed to poop in the litterbox?
Well apparently that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Seriously, new shit has come to light:
One minute I'm trying to figure out why the puppy only wants to eat the cat food and the next I find the cat sleeping in the kennel.
I mean really, what's next?

[Listening to:  Sting - "Consider Me Gone" ]


Bef said…
your cat is so evil looking...oh my God!!! She looks like she will fuck yo life up and have you cancelling christmas....
Hex said…
Bef -- she might look evil, but that's actually the dumb one. It's the other cat (the one from the other story that tried to poop on my date) that you have to look out for.

It's entirely possible that the one that fell asleep in the dog kennel had no idea where she was.

I still love her dumb butt, but that one is kinda ..special, knammsayin?
Tricia said…
They are merely bi-species curious. In this progressive day and age, you must give them some slack. The dog pooping in the litterbox and the cat sleeping in the dog's bed is probably just a phase - like the LUGs in college.
unMuse said…
FYI - Dogs LOVE cat food because of the high fat and protein content, but you need to keep your dog away from it or it will be simultaneously fat and malnourished. There aren't enough vitamins in cat food for dogs.

(and i'd watch your cat. it's pissed that it's been usurped.)
Hex said…
Tricia -- So what you're saying is that I don't really have pets as much as I just have a couple of college students squatting at my place?

Does this mean I'm gonna have to listen to Bob Marley's Legend and put up with Ultimate Frisbee all over again?

UnMuse -- Oh I know. I've moved the cat food higher and higher to get it away from him, but he MacGuyver's his way back into it again and again. Either that, or he's getting his new cat girlfriend to hook him up. Heffa.
Heff said…
HA !! I was just about to mention that line from G.B., and there you had it !